In Gratitude

The Garden And The Harvest

A quick note on a chilly evening during a holiday week to say thank you. Quite often I feel as if there are so many ships chugging along at once, and the fact that you’ve signed up, read, support, or even follow me on social media, is one of the deepest wells of love in my life. I hope to continue to carve out room for growth and gratitude, and would love if you continued to join me in whatever form you’d prefer.

If you’d like to read more blog-like posts (LY will be 10 next year!!) you can do so on LY right here. As always, you can gift Woman Of Color (this year) for the teens and adults in your life, and The Hair Book (next year) for the children in your life no matter where they are or what they celebrate.

Lastly, I just sent a detailed garden post about The Mae House to paying subscribers. You can subscribe right this way, or give the gift of a subscription via the link below.

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With love,