With Love, L :

In my blogging hay day I wrote blog posts and signed them with love. The posts grew, time went on, I lost a baby, had another, restructured my relationship, moved, wrote a book, and yes, kept blogging. But as things would shift, I realized that the root of the message remained the same. How I did things and what I wanted others to feel while reading, holding, or experiencing those things felt pertinent.

One summer, I read the love letters between Audre Lorde and Pat Parker, they helped me settle into the existential question of why I write and essentially, why I care so deeply about community as not only a way of existing in my craft, but as a way of caring and life.

Prior to the pandemic, I began writing long-form essays to newsletter subscribers over on another hosting platform. They felt sacred and explored things I read, experienced, and the complexities of the world at large. As the pandemic ranged on, I began a Storytelling Workshop for writers all over the world, and still, the letters kept their place. I heard from many of you that they were reminders of life lived, or the depth of creativity, and at times, longing. Those letter and your responses to them, truly carried me.

As new norms take shape, I hold fast to the idea that handwritten notes, or letters in our inbox are the lifeblood of our society and community at large. Just like the conversations I have with neighbors on my stoop or on a corner somewhere between here and there, With Love, L, is a large piece of that. I can’t pop it in the mail, but I can send it right in your inbox.

The beauty of this letter in particular is that as personal as it is, it feels emotionally and intellectually, universal.

The topics covered are explorations of a woman growing, a writer continually honing her craft, a community member hell-bent on the care and keeping of it, and an advocate who is committed to life as one. There will be guests, as every stoop in Brooklyn promises to have once in a good while. I’ll cover topics like style, design, interior renovations (did I mention I just bought a home!… more soon, if you subscribe), well-being and of course, culture. It is all of my hats rolled into one format for the longer reader, the deep feeler, and the ever inquisitive member.

With love, L

How Often Will You Write Me?

The letters will continue on their bi-weekly schedule. But with the addition of some new topics that paid subscribers receive (first dibs on interior design chats, renovation projects, workshops and first dibs on future book tour dates), there will often be an additional more casual letter sitting in-between the two.

I can’t promise a time, but I know the place. ;)

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Each month, a certain percentage of income from these subscriptions will go to organizations I believe in and support, as a continued part of my advocacy work. They will be highlighted at the end of the letter for that particular month, and as always, if you’d like to donate personally, you are more than welcome to. I’m sure it would be appreciated.

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Essay letters that cross time. Mostly on wellbeing, culture, and style. Initially written in the spirit of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker's love letters to one another from LaTonya Yvette.


LaTonya is a multi-media storyteller and steward of The Mae House. She founded LY, a lifestyle site in 2012-2023, authored Woman Of Color (2019, Abrams), The Hair Book (2022, Union Square) and her third book will be published by Dial Press, 2024.